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Modern portrait sessions have evolved a great deal from the static, impersonal events they once were.

Portrait sessions are all about the experience, with many photographic sessions no longer being confined to the studio. Outdoor locations or settings at your home may be used, according to your taste and the style in which you would like to be photographed.

A pre-portrait consultation with your photographer is recommended, as this will give you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and the possible settings/venues for your portrait session.

If possible, present your photographer with some magazine images which may illustrate the style of photography which appeals to you. This will aid you both in designing how your portrait may look. Preparing for a portrait sitting in this manner will help to ensure that at the end of the experience you have images which suit your tastes and style.

© Graham JacksonTake a selection of appropriate clothing to the photographic session, as this will ensure that the photographer can provide you with a variety of images. Neutral coloured clothes are generally thought to be the best, although these can be highlighted with splashes of bright colours to add interest. It is best, however, to avoid colours which are too intense, unless or course, this is what you feel most comfortable wearing.

If a child is to be photographed, remember to take a favourite toy along to the portrait sitting, as well as any accessories which may help to bring out the child's personality. This will help to make the child feel more secure, as well as add a more personal touch to the images.

Where photographing babies and very small children, it is important to timetable the session around their own individual routines. Photographing a tired or hungry child would not produce the best quality portraits, so it is vital that they are made to feel comfortable. Discuss the portrait sitting with the child beforehand to prepare them for the event.

The Master Photographers Association is the UK's qualifying body for full-time professional photographers, all of whom are bound by the association's Code of Conduct. When you choose a portrait photographer registered with us, you can be certain that they will strive continually to uphold the professional standard of their work, and deal fairly, honestly and helpfully with their clients.

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Hiring a Professional Portrait Photographer

Taking the family for a portrait sitting with a professional photographer can be great fun, and that's before you've even seen the pictures!

© Ian HearnshawThere are literally thousands of photographers out there, so how do you make the correct choice? Here are some hints and tips on how to book the right photographer for you.

Firstly, always choose a qualified professional photographer who belongs to one of the main photographic associations - The Master Photographers Association has qualified Master Photographer members listed on its website, - each one must have passed stringent entry conditions including qualification to Licentiate standard and all members must uphold the Association's Code of Conduct. This means that members of the public can have confidence they are dealing with a true professional.

Use the internet to help you make your choice - nearly all photographers have websites and most include a gallery of their work. Take time to compare the work of different photographers.

Ask friends and family if they can recommend a photographer they've used before and check out the images they took for them.

When you visit a studio and admire the images on display, always check that they were taken in those premises and by the photographer you're talking to - some high street photographic chains supply their branches with generic display photographs that could have been taken anywhere, by anyone.

Ensure the style of your chosen photographer matches your requirements. There are many different types of portraiture; formal group shots, informal reportage style, studio, location, use of props, black & white, colour - the list is endless.

It is usual to pay a 'sitting fee' which goes towards covering the photographer's time to take the photographs. Ask to see a price list and make sure there are no hidden costs and also enquire about framing options before you start the shoot. At the same time check on cancellation policies just in case you can't make your appointment.
Find out if the studio uses digital cameras or traditional film. If they shoot on digital you need to know that any 're-touching' is included in the price.

You'll need to know how long the shoot will take and how many images the photographer is planning to take.

© Field PhotographicRemember that the conditions in a photographic studio remain constant compared to those on a location shoot. If you opt for images to be taken in your own home or out in the open you'll need to be sure that your chosen photographer can adapt to these conditions.

Master portrait photographer, Frazer Visser from Hamilton Studios in East Grinstead, West Sussex, makes this fundamental point: "It's important that you spend some time chatting with the photographer before you make your booking. To get the great images you deserve, you and your family will need to be happy and relaxed, so it's really important that you all get on with the photographer. They should be able to put you at ease and offer advice on the best clothes to wear and the best poses to adopt during your shoot."

Once you've made your choice and booked your sitting the most important bit of advice is - enjoy it!

© Jennifer RobertsonCherubs Baby Photography Promotion.

Capture your little cherub with professional photographs by your local Cherubs Photographer.

Your baby is photographed by a local professional Cherubs photographer during his/her first year and after the final photo session you will receive a beautiful Handmade Italian Triple Folio.

Cherubs is the UK's longest running baby photography promotion - established by the Master Photographers Association in 1993.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase extra photographs from each sitting, under no obligation. This exclusive offer is made available to you by the Master Photographers Association. Thousands of happy Mums have had Cherubs portraits taken of their babies since the promotion was introduced.

There are more than 200 Cherubs photographers all over the UK. A small registration may apply with some photographers.

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