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To achieve this certificate, members will be required to provide a detailed health and safety document that includes standard sections, such as fire alarms and exit routes, and additional sections such as studio temperature, sanitation, safe use of props and identification of circulation problems that can arise when posing a newborn for long periods of time. A risk assessment will also be included. In addition to these documents, applying members will be required to submit five prints of newborn babies together with ‘before-and-after’ shots to illustrate the safe support of newborn throughout the session. This certification will demonstrate the commitment, skill and professionalism of all the members who achieve it, will distinguish them in a competitive market and is destined to become a benchmark that parents can use to identify responsible photographers.
“The newborn certification is an absolute must for anybody working within the newborn photography industry. It is vital that your clients recognise that you are working with the safety of their newborn baby as your top priority. The newborn certification was developed to raise the standards of safety within the newborn photography industry 
Melanie East AMPA


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